Towing Available

We have been offering car towing services for the last 15 years, and with each passing year, we work on offering our clients better services. Over these years we have managed to acquire a lot of knowledge, and technical expertise; so we can assure you services that are well planned and perfect over years of hard work and commitment. This enables us to transport and two a wide range of vehicles, no matter what condition we find them in. As you are our priority, we have designed our services in a way that they offer you the most benefit.

Once we bring in your vehicle we will start to assess the damage that has been done, so we can offer you a preview of what your vehicle will look like, and how much it will cost you. This will be followed by other services if need be.

Why Us?

  • Specialised Transport – We can help you with any vehicle you have, as our specialised transportation department, is fully equipped and ready to take on different vehicles. We are a professional towing solution that can help you after an accident.
  • Flexibility – We take on vehicles of any make and model, so you do not have to worry about getting your vehicle transported in a safe condition. We have all the trucks and the manpower that is required to get the job done in the perfect mannon.
  • Technology – We use top of the line technology, so you do not have to worry about a thing when it comes to our services. As we understand that you need instant help after being in an accident.
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