Here at Westside Panel Repairs, we have worked on all major vehicles, meaning we are confident that we can offer you the best services; regardless of your model and make of your vehicle. Each technician is not just quality, they are well trained, and possess the ability to offer you complete services. So when you come to get your vehicle, we are able to offer you vehicles that have been restored to the best possible pre-accident condition.

Which is why we Here at Westside Panel Repairs offer our clients with a great range of services, that include, but are not limited to.

Computer Quotation – A complete quotation of the services you require, so you do not have to worry about how much a service is going to cost you. You can simply enter the damage that needs to be repaired, and we will give you a tentative quote.

Digital Imaging – If you feel like your vehicle is too far gone, or if you are not sure about how your vehicle will look after the upgrade. Then we are here to offer you images of the post-work vehicle, so you can finally give your imagination some support.

Specialize in all makes and models – As we promise to offer you complete services, we take on all makes and models, regardless. So you can easily come in with any vehicle, and we will offer you the best services possible.

Computerized Chassis alignment system – Before we send you out, we make sure that we are handing you a vehicle that is working perfectly. With the help of our top of the line computerized chassis alignment system, we are able to ensure that your vehicle is working in perfect condition.

Factory spot welding – We offer you factory spot welding services, so once your vehicle is done, it is the closest to your pre-accident vehicle.

Mechanical hoists – With the help of our mechanical hoists, we are able to ensure, that not just the mechanics and the body of your vehicle are repaired thoroughly. This helps us run a complete safety check, and make underbody inspection easier.

Air conditioning service – We can easily service you air condition, or offer a complete fix depending on what is required.

Airbag & Computer resetting – We will reset your airbags using a computerized system, so the next time you are in an accident, you do not have to worry about safety.

Computerized bake oven – Our computerized bake ovens allow us to ensure a completely even and rapid pain drying process.

Mipa Paint System & Computerized Colour Matching – We match the exact colour of your vehicle using a computerized colour matching system.

All mechanical repairs – It does not matter what mechanical repaired your vehicle needs, we are here to offer you complete services.

Free not at fault recovery – If the accident wasn’t caused by you, then we can help you get a free not at fault recovery from the other party.

Free loan car – Just because your vehicle is in the shop, does not mean you have to sit at home or walk around. We offer a free loan vehicle until we are done with your vehicle.

Towing available – We offer towing services in (Enter Area), so you do not have to worry about a thing.

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